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If you've known me for a while, you'll know that I love making lists. I love seeing things written out in an organized way because it helps me visualize better. One of my favorite kinds of lists to make is a bucket list because I love listing things I want to achieve in my life and plans I want to accomplish.
So for this post, I want to share some of my goals and some stuff on my bucket list with you.

(also if you get the title of this, you're amazing and i'm glad you understand my "humor")

Travel with friends.


As someone who loves to travel, I've always loved going around places with the people I love and sharing my wanderlust moments with people. I've always traveled with family but I really want to go on trips with my friends as well.

Learn how to ride a bike.
Shock horror, I don't know how to ride a bike - without trainer wheels, that is. I don't know why I never learned as a child but here I am, 16 and still untrained in the bike aspect of my life. I really do want to learn, though, since I think it'll be really beneficial for me in terms of transportation.

Join a dance class.


For someone who loves to dance, I've never been formally trained in dance other than ballet. While ballet was super fun and part of my still really wants to go back, another part of me has realized how difficult that'll be on my part since I'm about 5 to 6 years out of the ballet game and waaaaaaay out of shape for ballet. I want to try out other genres since I think those'll be easier on my body and a lot of fun as well.

Study abroad.
Studying overseas has always been a huge dream for me because I love to learn and I love to go to new places so to study abroad is like a combination of the two. At this point, I've decided on pursuing my overseas education for my Master's degree or something. Right now, my dream school/s are NYU, UCLA, and Oxford woo (Libreng mangarap.)

Learn how to drive.


Pretty self-explanatory, to be honest. It's a basic skill eveyrone should know how to do. My main motivation to learn though is that I want to be able to drive and get food when I get hungry or go on trips with friends (aka goal #1).

Have a pet cat.

(photo credits: dad, cats: my dad's friend's cats who i miss deARLY)

Whenever I get asked to introduce myself during a class or when meeting new people, more often than not I say, "hi I'm Zoe and I love cats". I'm a cat person, always have been one (despite the fact I have a pet dog) since I grew up with my grandma's cat. However, I've never had my own pet cat until now so that's something I really want to do with my life. (I even told my parents to expect that they might be getting grand-cats instead of grandkids.)

Experience the seasons.
By seasons, I mean all four: spring, summer, fall, and winter. I want to feel the wind become crisp and see new life begin in the spring, I want to experience the leaves turning brown, gold, and yellow in autumn and dressing in nice sweaters that aren't too thick or too thin, I want to watch snow fall and wear coats and build a snowman. (I also want a reason to dress cute, expand my sweater collection, and have a reason to wear a beanie more often. but that's not as important.)

Treat my parents.
This is probably one of my biggest goals in life: to give back to the people who have given me so much. I want to be able to buy Christmas presents for them one day or take them out to dinner or just do something for them, regardless of how small it'll be compared to how much they've done for me, and make them feel how much I love them.

So those are just a few of the things on my always expanding bucket list. I hope this has inspired you to write out your own goals and want to do something in your life.

Feel free to share your own bucket list with me or some goals you'd like to accomplish in your life. 

- Zoe