11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

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Do you have hidden talents? If so, what are they?

This isn't really a talent but I can usually memorize things pretty well. Like I recite along to jingles, theme songs, movie lines and commercials. Sadly, this mostly only works on useless things and not my school work.

Name 3 things you can’t leave the house without.

Aside from the obvious phone, comb, tissue, I always have my iPod Touch, a pen, and probably rubbing alcohol or wipes. My iPod because it's my only gadget with a nice camera (lol), a pen because you never know when an idea comes to you (or when you suddenly need to cram Math homework), and alcohol because I'm a little too much of a neat freak.

If you were in a car, rain started to pour, and you were looking outside the window, what’s that one song that would play in the background?

If it's a K-pop song then it would be EXO's Miracles in December or Promise. English song-wise, I really like songs like The Script's Breakeven, Birdy's Skinny Love or my friend Pixie Labrador's song called Maybe (click here)! You should totally listen to it because I love Pixie with all my heart and she is my queen.

But two of my all-time rainy day songs are MYMP's Tell Me Where It Hurts and Nina's Someday. I love old-school sent OPM because they just hit you right in the heart.

What’s a movie you’ll never get tired of watching? (Add a fave quote from it.)

MEAN GIRLS!!!!! I memorize almost every line of that movie to the point that when my Enderun friends and I watched it after class, they were like "how many times have you seen this?"

"Whatever. I'm getting cheese fries." - Regina George

"Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang." - Kevin Gnapoor

"Four for you, Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!" - Damien

"You all have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores. It just makes it okay for guys to call you sluts and whores." - Ms. Norbury

If you could only drink one beverage (besides water) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably Cibo's Iced Tea because that iced tea is so good. It's so refreshing and just--I've loved that iced tea since I was a little girl so it brings back a lot of memories of after-ballet/Kumon lunches with my family.

Would you rather be a mermaid with a hideous tail or a fairy with hideous wings? Why?

A fairy with hideous wings because the appearance of my wings don't matter, it's how far I fly with them. #BOOM

Who is your ultimate bae? (… I had to.)

Food. Food is my ultimate bae. Seriously, who needs a bae when you have food?

What was the first fiction book you’ve read?

I don't remember??? Probably Winnie the Pooh? (joke does this include children's books) But really, I don't remember because I grew up around a ton of books so I don't remember vividly what the first book I read.

If you could live anywhere (even in a fictional world), where would you live?

Non-fiction, I'd say either New York or London. I have always wanted to go to New York since I was young and London seems so different from Manila so I'm really intrigued and interested in London.

As for fictional worlds, I'd pick the Harry Potter universe - specifically the Wizarding World. This is pretty self-explanatory I think.

I also want to know, why did you start blogging?

I started blogging out of boredom really. I've also really liked reading about other people's lives and their stories, so you can say I got inspired. A lot of my older friends are bloggers too so I found it super interesting when they'd post stuff on Tumblr, Blogspot, or Wordpress about fashion, travel, etc. and how they were so open about sharing their lives with other people. I honestly just thought it was super cool so I decided to give it a shot.

Who is/are your favorite blogger/s?
* this is going to be long, i'm warning you now. to see their blogs, click their titles next to their names

Keith Rodriguez (Sartorial Noir)

My momma, my idol, and the original inspiration for why I have a blog now. Ate Keith is a student, model, aspiring filmmaker, and fangirl with nice hair and she smells very nice. Our friends and I love to tease her about how busy she always is, saying "nag-iba ka na talaga" (you've really changed) but the truth is really opposite to that; Ate Keith is super down-to-earth and a really fun person to be with.

Chelsea Toledo (The Whimsical Wanderer)

Ate Chelsea is one of the wildest people I know. She will break out into song and dance (occasionally rap too) at random points in the day that sometimes I find it tiring to watch her. She's super sweet and funny too; she and Ate Cece always say that I have "ideal boyfriend height" which I've learned to just take as a compliment and Ate Chels has a thing for touching butts. Don't ask. The Whimsical Wanderer is an avenue for her to reveal all her crazy, fun, and outgoing personality to the world and I'm really anticipating what goes down on her blog.

Celina Cruz (Celina the Unicorn)

If I had to associate Ate Cece with two words, they'd be glitter and rainbows. She's a human unicorn; sparkles and all. Like really, if Ate Cece was a fantasy character, she'd be an actual unicorn. She knits, crochets, loves skirts, and is very much kawaiiHer blog, Celina the Unicorn, has just recently been relaunched and I'm super excited to see what new things she gets up to this year.

Ida Siasoco (The Green Tea Enthusiast)

Ate Ida to me is like the Manila nightline; bright and electric but still has a sense of mystery hanging over (naks). Her name on the interwebs is known as The Green Tea Enthusiast because she REALLY likes green tea. Her lion-like mane and all-black get up make her very unique already but she also loves to crochet, to make DIYs, and to talk about a trash she fondly calls Hansol Vernon Chwe.

Tricia Gosingtian (Tricia Will Go Places)

I don't know Tricia Gosingtian personally and I have yet to meet her in person (and I really want to, honestly). She's one of my style icons; she's super fashionable and very stylish but she still values comfort and practicality. I actually have her book and I refer to it a lot because I love her style so much. (I also found out a few months ago that's she's actually Paulinian! Woaaah SPCP pride all around yo)

Vern and Verniece Enciso (VV)

The Enciso sisters (who I, for the longest time, thought were twins) are two bloggers that I never really expected to become a fan of. I don't really know why but I used to not explore outside the Camille Co-Tricia Gosingtian bloggers circle. But when I came across Vern and Verniece through my best friend, I was hooked because I found I could relate to their blogs a bit more since they were both just a few years older than I am. Just like Tricia Gosingtian, I also have their style book and refer to it often for inspiration and even just a quick read.

Lia Nuñez (Lia Sees The World)

The last blogger is one I've known for more than half my life. She loves lettering, fashion, food, and 1D. Her favorite color is pink and she feeds me 80 percent of the time we're at school since I almost never eat breakfast lol. My best friend Lia, who I've mentioned a couple of times on this blog, launched her blog a few months ago and I'm super proud of how much she's achieved blog-wise. I love her so much and I hope that after visiting her blog, you guys love her too.


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  4. What's your guilty pleasure food? (aka the diet deal breaker)
  5. 3 things on your wishlist right now?
  6. Favorite song to sing in the shower?
  7. Who or what motivates you?
  8. Imagine your idol standing in front of you right now. What would you want to say to them?
  9. If you could bring back one historic figure from the dead to have lunch with them, who would that be and why?
  10. Pet peeves?
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  1. Aww thank you so much for adding me to your "favorite bloggers" list, Zoe!! You still have my ideal boyfriend height, okay. ♥

    Also, you should try listening to Reese Lansangan's cover of Skinny Love! hihi https://soundcloud.com/reeselansangan/skinny-love-bon-iver-cover ♥♥

    1. ♡♡ you're very welcome ate!! ooh I will I will thank you! ♥

  2. Aw thanks so much for the feature, bby Zoe!! <3 can't wait to see you again and give you a good old squish-hug, miss you!

    1. awww momma ;; you're so welcome and yes I can't wait!!!! miss you too! ♡

  3. Mean Girls is everything! "Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?"

    Manila nightline? Aaaaaaaah Zoe-- no words huhu. Thank you so so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Mean Girls is lyf 💖 and you're very very welcome ate!!! thank u for tagging me ♥