Antipolo Afternoon

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Look at me, finally posting on this blog after almost 5 months of inactivity. In my defense, I've been pretty busy and extremely uninspired (read: lazy) lately. I've also been out of ideas on what to blog about. But anyway, here's a blog post about my day at the Pinto Art Museum.

Last March 29, my family was given the opportunity to go to the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. We were invited by a family friend to accompany them to the museum. I was pretty excited considering the fact that I told my mom that I would like to go there over the summer break. It was a beautiful summer day and I don't think I would have spent that day any differently. So thank you Tito and Tita for inviting us!

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite photos from the museum and more!

Mark Justiniani (2013)

Amihan (Clouds)
Ninel Constantino (2014)
Mixed media installation

Defiling a Dream
Stephanie Lopez (2008)
Steel Wires

Hollow Man
 Alab Pagarigan (2011)
Cast resin and wire

Please Handle with Care Version 2
Pamela Yan-Santos (2009)
Found objects and wrapped furniture
Some of the merienda we were offered at the museum
Lemongrass iced tea and Arroz Caldo

Probably the prettiest sunset I've seen and will see all summer

But despite all that we saw, this cutie was one of the
highlights of the museum in my opinion.

Til next time, Pinto! More pictures to be posted on my blog's Facebook page!

- Zoe