Golden Moment

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The story of how I won my first major essay contest.

Last October, it was announced that the English area would collaborate with the TLE and Social Science areas for a culminating event entitled the "B.E.N.T.A Bazaar". The competitions the English area would be offering were extemporaneous speech, on-the-spot essay writing, a photo face-off, and short story writing. Majority of the contests were (for the lack of better terms) "free sign-ups" for but extemporaneous speech required each class to have one volunteer for eliminations and the top 2 from the batch would compete against the Juniors and the Seniors.

If there's one thing my classmates have been excellent at, it's the power of coercion. Ever since they'd discovered my proficiency in English, they've basically volunteered me to take care of anything that involved the subject. Which is why when the contests were announced, I was volunteered into representing the class for extemporaneous speech. After much pleading and nudging from my classmates, I said yes.

I placed 3rd out of all the representatives and although I didn't get to represent the batch, I was pretty satisfied with the result.

A few days after, I decided that I'd join the essay contest as well due to our batch lacking representatives. The contest day itself rolls around and we're all seated in front of our respective computer units. The topic given to us was "the role of young Filipinos as nation builders" and I remember thinking to myself, "oh no, I'm going to fail. This isn't going to make any sense." Rather than back out, I decided that I'd just do my best and try to make it seem at least coherent. And to this day, I think that was the smartest decision I've made all school year.

I had placed first in the Senior division, something I had not expected at all. I don't think I'll ever forget hearing the title of my essay and my name being called, my classmates and friends screaming in joy and hugging me, and most of all, hearing my high school principal tell me that "I've heard you're a great writer!" as she hands me my certificate when I get down to the stage. I'll never forget the hugs and shouts of "so proud of you!" from my classmates and friends as I made my way back to my seat on the second floor. I'll never forget my best friend nearly falling over due to excitement to hug me. I'll never forget the proud smiles on my parents' faces when I told them. I won't forget.

After sembreak, I was fortunately able to retrieve a copy of my essay from the computer unit assigned to me. And due to many requests of "Zoe, pabasa ng essay mo please!!", I've decided to post it.

I want to say thank you to everyone who encouraged me to join and to tap into my writing. I couldn't have done it without any of you. And of course to the big Guy up there who gave me this gift. I offer these victories to You for Your greater glory.

So without further ado, dear reader, may I present to you my pride and joy: Preservers, Innovators, Nation Builders.

- Zoe